Indoor vs. outdoor storage: which is best for your needs?
27 Jun 2022

Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage: Which Is Best for Your Needs?

There are many options available if you’re looking to rent a public storage space in Toronto. From indoor storage units with climate control to outdoor units with drive-up accessibility, there are several choices on the market.  When it comes to indoor vs. outdoor storage units, though, it will be helpful…

Need storage space in Toronto? here are your options
20 Jun 2022

First-timers might be overwhelmed by the many types of storage units available, but don’t let that scare you away.  Indeed, the right storage unit can provide the perfect solution to your need for extra space,…

What you need to know before moving to Toronto
13 Jun 2022

With a robust culture and arts scene and over 200 languages spoken, Toronto is considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. This year, The Economist named Toronto the fourth most livable city…

Pros and cons of sharing a storage Unit
6 Jun 2022

If you are familiar with storage units, then you probably know that they provide you with very flexible spaces within which you’ll be able to store anything from old appliances to art pieces.  While some…

Common mistakes to avoid when storing art
28 Apr 2022

When storing valuable pieces such as fine art, antiques, and paintings, it’s important to follow a few extra steps and take your time in packaging and transporting these items. Things such as these can be…

Reasons your small business should rent a storage unit
20 Apr 2022

Do you have a small business that is thriving and needs some room to grow? If so, you may have come across the idea of self-storage before. It can help your small business cut down…

How to clean your antiques before storage
12 Apr 2022

When it comes to storing your antiques and family heirlooms, you will want to take some extra precautions to make sure these items are protected for the time you are storing them. The first step…

Tips for organizing your important documents
4 Apr 2022

Organizing your important documents is essential to your everyday life and your business. Both personal and professional documents should be stored properly so that they stay in pristine condition, should you need to rely on…

Tips for spring cleaning
30 Mar 2022

With spring just around the corner and the days getting warmer and brighter, it’s no surprise that many people will be looking forward to decluttering their homes and letting some fresh air in. Spring cleaning…

How to properly store inventory in a storage unit
24 Mar 2022

A thriving and growing business always has a plan when it comes to storing inventory and excess stock. Whether your business is just starting up or has been a staple in the community for many…

Why you should rent a self-storage unit while moving
15 Mar 2022

Moving can be a tiresome and exhausting process, especially if you are ill-prepared. Renting a self-storage unit can help you to be better equipped once moving day arrives, and gives you some security and peace…

Top questions to ask when renting a storage unit
10 Mar 2022

Renting a storage unit in Toronto and the GTA can be a convenient and affordable way to gain more space for your personal belongings or for your business. A storage unit can help you to…

Advantages of using a self-storage unit for inventory management
21 Feb 2022

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur thinking of ways to reduce costs while efficiently organizing and managing your business inventory? For some businesses, this is an ongoing struggle. Rather than getting down in the…

A beginner’s guide to self-storage rental
15 Feb 2022

If you are not too familiar with self-storage and its multiple uses, you may be wondering how it can improve your life and how you can begin using self-storage in an impactful way.  Luckily, we’ve…

Why you should consider climate-controlled storage for clothing
9 Feb 2022

You invest a lot of time, money, and effort into creating the perfect wardrobe that works for you. If you are someone that frequently acquires new clothing pieces and enjoys making a fashion statement, this…

Mini-storage vs. self-storage: What’s the difference?
3 Feb 2022

While on the hunt for a storage unit that suits your needs and circumstances, you may have come across two different terms: “self-storage” and “mini-storage”. Although both refer to storage units used to keep goods,…

Everything about heated storage units
28 Jan 2022

If you or someone you know has been on the hunt for the perfect storage unit or storage facility, then you’ve come to the right place. Before you sign the lease and commit to a…

Self-storage unit for your ecommerce business
26 Jan 2022

When renting offsite storage space for your online business, you might be thinking of alternative storage solutions that save you money while still being convenient and safe. Here at Jiffy Self-Storage, we understand your concerns…

Document storage mistakes
14 Jan 2022

When considering document management for your business, it’s important to find a storage facility that is safe, secure, and climate controlled. Make sure to do your research beforehand so that you can ensure the storage…

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