Managing the storage account overdue
11 Nov 2018

Don’t Lose your Stuff! How to Manage Your Overdue Storage...

No matter how good your intentions, sometimes life throws curve-balls that can derail you financially. Even though you make every effort to stay within budget, things happen. When you’re trying to juggle mortgage payments, car loans, and utility bills, it’s easy to forget about the items you’ve put in storage.…

Tips for storing your books
29 Oct 2018

There are few things more precious and more delicate than books. Our books are tied to memories, learning, and escape, and oftentimes, we hope to hold onto our books for generations to come. If we…

Souvenir storing techniques
22 Oct 2018

Whether you spent a weekend in Banff or a month in Morocco, chances are you’ve collected a bunch of souvenirs during your time away. From travel brochures to exotic trinkets, it’s hard to part with…

Do-It-Yourself Home Move
15 Oct 2018

Although professional movers can get the job done quickly and smoothly, you’ll often pay a premium for their services. Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are moving into a college dorm, chances are…

Thing to take in to school
8 Oct 2018

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and our tans are beginning to fade. Yes, this all means it’s back to school! And for many college…

Tips for safe and secure moving
25 Sep 2018

Moving is a stressful and hectic experience for many Canadians, and unexpected complications or setbacks can be detrimental to your move. Beyond the physical stress of moving, families often find themselves facing unexpected costs, increasing…

Storage facility for boats and other vehicles
18 Sep 2018

Storing boats and other recreational vehicles during the off-season is a probability for many Ontario residents, especially those who enjoy visiting cottages during the summer months. Depending on the location, indoor storage units can be…

storage units guide for beginners
11 Sep 2018

For those who have never rented a storage unit, it can be a confusing process. There are a number of factors that you need to consider and the process varies in complexity depending on your…

Optimizing Your Self-Storage Space Security
10 Sep 2018

Using self-storage units has become a way of life for many people. Self-storage units can improve your lifestyle for many reasons. They can make home organization a big possibility, first of all. They can make…

Flexible storage options for students
4 Sep 2018

Finding convenient, accessible, and affordable storage solutions for college and university students can be quite difficult, especially in a city as busy as Toronto. For those who move to a new apartment or dorm room…

Advantages Of Climate Controlled Self-storage Units
3 Sep 2018

Self-Storage and Pure Convenience Self-storage units are on the rise. People are only just beginning to realize how convenient investing in self-storage units can be. They can rely on self-storage any time they want to…

How To Properly Store Hardwood Furniture
27 Aug 2018

The best place to store hardwood furniture is in your home, but there are some cases in which you might need to place your hardwood furniture into storage. If you are storing them for more…

Choosing the Best Lock for Your Storage Unit
20 Aug 2018

Safety and protection is a priority for everyone. When you obtain a self-storage unit, you’ll need to purchase a lock to secure the door of the unit before you begin to move your belongings into…

Properly Store Paintings And Artwork
13 Aug 2018

How to properly store paintings and artwork is quite a popular topic amongst art enthusiasts and collectors. Paintings and other pieces of artwork require special conditions when stored in order to prevent damage due to…

Investing In A Self-storage Unit For Your Business
6 Aug 2018

Successful businesses require a lot of back-end work in order for them to function as efficiently as possible. Businesses need ample space for proper documentation, inventory, tools, and other day-to-day materials without using up valuable…

Benefits of Using Storage Units When Undergoing Home Renovations
23 Jul 2018

Undergoing home renovations is both exciting and stressful at the same time. During renovations, homeowners sacrifice their privacy and expose their home to contractors, crew members, and other workers. One requirement of getting the job…

Why You Need Secure Storage For Your Fine Art
23 Jul 2018

The whole journey of preparing a piece of fine art, be it a painting, a sculpture, or anything else, is extremely exciting. Like all other precious goods, pieces of fine art need to protected and…

Are Storage Units Secure? How To Protect Your Belongings
16 Jul 2018

Storage units hold our valuables and we trust them with things we really care about. However, are storage units really secure? At Jiffy Storage, we make security our top priority. So yes, our storage units…

Must-know Packing Tips For Moving
16 Jul 2018

Looking forward to a new home is an incredible feeling. You’re probably planning the layout of your new living room and browsing through all the multiple shades of neutral paints for the bedroom. Moving to…


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