13 Feb 2017

Where Should You Store Fire Extinguishers

Having a fire extinguisher in your home, on your boat, at the office, really anywhere fire puts human life in jeopardy can mean the difference between catastrophe averted, or a tragedy. Keeping that in mind, it is equally important they be carefully and safely stored to make sure they remain in full working order. Below are some considerations for keeping your fire extinguisher(s) stored properly. Keep Them Out in the Open A fire extinguisher is one of those things where you kind of have to throw style and theme to the wind. Just because it clashes with the motif of your kitchen, does not mean that you should keep it tucked behind a door, or in a pantry. It needs to be readily accessible at all times. Having it hidden can cost you valuable time if and when a fire needs to be dealt with. This is especially true if people who are not familiar with your home are staying…

9 Feb 2017

In a country like Canada, where each new season brings with it a new set of clothing, equipment and decoration requirements, a household worth of items can quickly add up. Finding room for all four season’s stuff is not easy, which is why it is a good idea to consider what you really need to keep on hand, and for how long. Below are five reasons you shouldn’t store your seasonal items at home. Protect Them from Theft This is especially true of expensive seasonal gear such as snow blowers, lawn mowers (ride on, or otherwise) and winter sports gear (such as skis and snowboards). These are all high value items that thieves typically target so keeping them safely guarded…

6 Feb 2017

One of the main things that people complain about when it comes to modern living, especially those with families, is that there is simply not enough space for all of the things you need in your daily life. Many people start to feel bogged down by clutter and can start to feel like hoarders, when in reality, there are a lot of storage options at your disposal to help relieve some of the burden. Below are some creative ways to add storage space to every room. Get a Storage Bed One of the largest unused storage spaces in the bedroom is the vertical space below the bed. Some beds are elevated enough that there is room to shove a couple…

1 Feb 2017

If you are someone who uses a self storage unit throughout the year, then you are going to want to make sure that your items are well protected from the elements. This is especially true if you live in an area of the country that experiences seasonal extremes, with high heat and humidity during the summer, and crushing cold during the winter. Below are five ways to protect your stored goods from the elements. Store on Pallets Your first line of defence should be to place everything on pallets so that it is up off the ground. During the winter, ice and snow melt may find its way under the door of your self storage unit. Water is insidious and…

26 Jan 2017

Going through a divorce is a hard enough process without having to worry about what you are going to do with all of your stuff. People can split up and start the process of divorce, often without very much warning, meaning that rapid-fire decisions must be made about what you are going to store and where. If you or someone you know is currently dealing with the emotional stress of a divorce, the below benefits of having a storage unit during the divorce could help. Protect Your Stuff One of the most uncomfortable parts of a divorce is figuring out who is going to get what. It’s painful to go through your entire inventory of things and decide what belongs…

23 Jan 2017

One of the biggest questions that people have when putting things in a self-storage unit is how to go about protecting your art. Art is something that people accumulate over a lifetime and new art replaces old art. You can’t keep all of those pieces just sitting around taking up space. Many people turn to self-storage units to help bear the load. Below are some tips for preparing your artwork for storage. Don’t Roll It Up Many people have the image of the art school student on his way to class, big tube with his painstaking work inside and think that’s how you store art. That is how you can temporarily store art while moving it from one location to…

19 Jan 2017

If you are like many people, the books that you acquire over the years tends to become a part of you. There is something nostalgic and romantic about a physical copy of a book that drives many people to want to preserve them, almost like a piece of art within a piece of art. There are good and bad ways, however, to store your books. If you love your books and want to keep them for as long as you can, below are some tips for properly storing them. Handle with Good Hygiene Books and eating and drinking go hand in hand. You will avoid doing this, though, if you really love your books. Always keep a paper towel by…

16 Jan 2017

It’s a shame how much waste most of us accumulate over the course of a year. Running a modern home and taking care of our families demands that we buy things, get rid of things and repeat the cycle. Often, whether because we are unsure of what can be recycled, or how to extend the useful life of something, our junk ends up in the trash, which is bad for the environment and our ecological footprint. Below are five ways to reduce junk at home by recycling. Plastic Bags If you find yourself with a surplus of plastic grocery bags (as most of us unfortunately do) you can check and see if your local grocery store has a plastic bag…

12 Jan 2017

For most of us, limited closet space is a very real thing. We can’t all have walk-in closets the size of a football field and so we are forced to choose what gets prime real estate and what has to go away. There are some things we store because we are bored with them, and there are some things we store because the season has changed. Whatever the reason you are thinking about placing your clothing in self-storage, below are some tips for keeping it safe while it’s in self-storage. Clean Them First Make sure the clothing that you are putting into self storage is clean. Not only can dirty clothing attract insects, but any stains, or marks that are…

9 Jan 2017

Your summer vehicle has had a pretty carefree season. Warm weather, no ice on the roads, no salt collecting on the body. Now that the winter is almost upon us, it’s time to start prepping for winter storage. Putting your fun summer car into winter hibernation isn’t as simple as just locking it away in storage and forgetting about it. There are some important steps that you need to follow to make sure it is well looked after and ready for next summer. Below is a how-to guide for preparing your car for winter storage. Choose a Storage Location First and foremost you have to make sure that you choose the right storage location for your car. If you are…

5 Jan 2017

With another year upon us, people are beginning to think about how to enact their new year’s resolutions. Some of us want to live healthier, some of us want to check something off a bucket list, but the one thing that is certainly attainable, with minimal effort, this coming year is decluttering your home. If eliminating clutter around the house was part of your new year’s resolution, below are some tips for helping you plan your escape from clutter. You Have to Start Somewhere Decluttering efforts can often become derailed by confusion. There is so much to get rid of and you don’t know where to start. Just start somewhere. Don’t think about it. Anywhere you think there is clutter,…

2 Jan 2017

The holidays are here and many people have already had the experience of opening up storage boxes, only to find broken decorations. If you’ve stored your holiday decorations improperly, chances are, you are going to end up with some broken decorations year after year. Below are tips for safely storing your holiday decorations. Artificial Tree Storage If you are like millions of people and have opted for the artificial tree in order to avoid the mess and cleanup of the real tree, then you’ve probably come to understand just how destructive those pointy metal branches can be. Avoid scratching your walls, and anything else you might have stored alongside your artificial tree by picking up an artificial tree storage bag…


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