5 Feb 2016

9 Tips To Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry is an investment, which is why it is important to take care of it by keeping it organized and in a safe place. This will make your life a lot easier when you go to find a specific piece to complete an outfit and will also contribute to a clutter-free home. Here are some tips to organize your current collection, which will suit any style of home with any amount of space. Even better, a lot of these storage ideas use materials that most will already have in their homes, without having to spend a dime! Short on Space: Use a Pegboard. This is an inexpensive way to store jewelry that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Simply paint the board to better mesh with your decor and hang it on the wall. You can even consider adding a frame to make it more chic! Repurpose a Wooden Hanger. This is great option for those who are lacking…

1 Feb 2016

Moving in with a spouse for the first time is certainly an exciting time in any relationship. However, it can present its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to blending accumulated belongings from two different lives into one. You can make the transition much easier and minimize your stress levels by following these tips: Downsize Belongings First. Taking an inventory of each person’s belongings beforehand is essential to ensuring that you both haven’t brought two toasters (and a lot of unnecessary clutter) into your new home. Before you move, decide what items will be sold, donated or thrown away. Measure Remaining Furniture. This will save you a lot of stress on moving day if you know ahead of…

29 Jan 2016

Sometimes, there is just no more room, and all of the ingenious space-saving techniques in the world are not going to conjure it out of thin air. Sometimes, you need to look to outside help. Hiring a rental storage unit is often the solution. They are reliable, secure and hassle free. There are, however, some tips you can utilize to get the most out of your rented storage space. Here are 5 things you need to know. Invest in pallets. Keeping most items off the floor is essential. There is no way to predict when and where rain and bad weather will strike, or when the neighboring tenant’s waterbed will split open, spilling its contents out into the corridor and…

25 Jan 2016

The world’s population is growing and space is finite. It’s inevitable. Every day, more and more people compete to live in the limited number of safe, happy, desirable places on this planet and that invariably means, to accommodate all of those people, places not only go up in price, but get smaller. If you live in a major city, and increasingly in smaller cities across North America, you may be trying to figure out how to get by with limited or even non-existent storage space. Here are 5 storage ideas that can help you make the most of a little space. Don’t let your walls go to waste. Bikes, umbrellas, even shoes can all be suspended from the wall. Floor…

21 Jan 2016

If we made an inventory of everything we keep in our homes, most of us would be amazed at the amount of stuff we accumulate. Clothing, decorations, kitchen utensils and appliances, scrap albums, shoes, the list is endless. When you’ve been somewhere long enough, the clutter builds at such a gradual pace that it can be tricky to notice it happening until it’s swallowed up most of your free space. Here are 5 easy storage solutions for a more organized, harmonious home. Shoe racks. Shoe racks are almost a necessity. Nobody owns just one pair of shoes, and whether we are talking about the closet, or the mudroom, or even the mat in front of the door, scattered shoes with…

18 Jan 2016

Having seasonal items in and around your home, whether it be holiday decorations, patio furniture, or lawn and garden ornaments are a great way to add warmth and feeling all year round. The only problem with switching up your decor as the seasons change is having a place to store the items you are cycling out of rotation. For most families, storage space is at a premium and new and inventive ways to stuff this and that into any available nook and cranny are always being sought. Fortunately, there are storage options that can make remove stress from the situation. Here are the 3 best options for seasonal storage. Self-storage units. A self-storage unit can be a budget friendly and…

15 Jan 2016

It might not seem immediately obvious, but how you utilize your office space can have a direct and observable impact on your business’ revenue. Make sure that you are maximizing your office space and keep everything on site you really need to run and grow your business – this may really save you money. And as for what you don’t need readily on-hand, there are a variety of storage options to suit all your needs. Here are five ways that renting storage space can help your business’ revenue and cut costs. Remove the clutter. Most offices are filled with an array of desks, cabinets and paperwork supplies that are just not needed. Anything that doesn’t need to be on site:…

11 Jan 2016

Most of us haven’t attained the cushy corner office yet, complete with sitting area, bar and L-shaped executive desk so we have to make do with less space. This means that the decisions we make with what we do have need to be a bit more strategized and well executed. If you are planning on setting up a small office space, here are five tips to consider that will help you get a lot out of a little. Reduce your reliance on paper. Any office, but especially a smaller one, will become more agile the less it relies on paper. Going digital will reduce the need for bulky office furniture such as filing cabinets, which will take up the majority…

8 Jan 2016

Decorating for the holidays is fun. The rush of nostalgia and memories attached to each individual ornament, wreath, garland and advent calendar makes putting everything up a real joy. Taking it all down is another matter. The problem with Christmas decorations is that accumulating them seems to be a lifelong project, which means every year there is more stuff and therefore less space than the previous winter. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do with all those Santas and strings of lights at the end of the yuletide season, here are five clever storage ideas that can help you. Archival boxes for your antiques. Many people have Christmas decorations that are family heirlooms and have been passed down, sometimes…

4 Jan 2016

The amount of things we accumulate over the course of our lives is staggering. Sometimes after moving or renovating, when we’ve been forced to reorganize or rethink the space we have in our homes, it’s truly mind blowing just how many things we cram into this nook and that cranny. Often, such realizations force us to look for third party storage options and we inevitably end up renting a storage unit to house items we no longer want in the house. But storage units can become cluttered and mismanaged. Here are the 5 best way to utilize your self-storage space. Invest in Pallets. Pallets not only allow you to organize things using a convenient and efficient grid system, but they…

1 Jan 2016

It’s all too easy to gather up unwanted toys, relocate them to the far flung reaches of a deep, dark closet and forget that they ever existed. Toys, especially after we stop playing with them, tend to be treated with very little respect, and let’s face it, they are not necessities. However, some of these trinkets and gadgets are actually worth quite a substantial amount of money these days and you might have a treasure chest collecting dust back there. Here are five toys that have considerable monetary value in 2015. Furby. Most of us who came of age in the 90s remember the familiar sayings and recitations of the cute and cuddly “Furby” from Hasbro. Furbies, like many other…


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