13 Feb 2015

How to Store Percussion Instruments

High quality percussion instruments are a major investment, so it’s important to maintain proper care and storage of your instruments in order to ensure years and years of quality performance. Clean It’s essential that you properly clean your instruments. Not only will a clean instrument look better, it can sound better, too. Thoroughly cleaning your instrument before placing it in storage allows you to closely examine the entire instrument to check for any damaged areas that need attention. Use a soft cloth, avoid harsh chemicals, and always make sure to look for any rust or corrosion on metal pieces. Cleaning cymbals Cymbals require a special cleaning solution instead of regular all-purpose cleaner. Check with your cymbal manufacturer or a music store to acquire it. Drum tension For most drums, you should reduce the tension on the heads by about half before storage. However, the heads should still be taught enough to keep the tension rods in place. For snare drums,…

9 Feb 2015

Most parents agree that keeping toys and play rooms organized and clutter-free feels impossible at worst and Sisyphean at best. No matter how hard you try and no matter how hard you encourage them to pick up after themselves, toys always seem to get distributed all over the place. Regardless of how many toys have accumulated throughout the years, there are still ways to maintain a clean space. With some careful planning and commitment, you and your children can maintain a decluttered life and still have fun. There are three main elements to decluttering the toys in your house: Limiting the acquisition of new toys, carefully choosing old toys to get rid of, and organizing the toys that you keep.…

6 Feb 2015

Self storage units are generally very safe and secure. Most self-storage providers will have various security measures in place, both for the whole facility and for each individual unit. Nevertheless, if you are storing items of high personal or monetary value, it doesn’t hurt to take steps for extra security. After all, when you stow away your valuables, you want to be able to leave them be and still maintain peace of mind. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make sure your storage unit and its contents have the best possible security. Choosing the right storage facility Sound storage security begins with finding the right facility for your needs. Talk to the managers to learn about what security…

2 Feb 2015

Bedding storage might seem simple at first, but fluffy blankets and pillows can actually be frustratingly difficult to safely pack for long-term storage. They’re bulky and take up a lot of space and, on top of that, they often fall prey to things like mildew and moth damage if left in damp or unprotected storage environments. Here are five ways that you can store your blankets and pillows so that they stay compactly organized, and safely stored: 1.  Cedar The natural oils found in cedar wood helps repel moths and other insects. If your blankets and pillows are made out of natural materials that are vulnerable to moths, this is a great choice. Find a chest made out of, or…

30 Jan 2015

If the original painting was valuable, often restorations can retain the value of a painting. Works of art are meant to be seen, and having a painting restored removes the effects of time so that we’re able to see the painting as it was originally intended. A good conservator will restore the painting safely and properly without affecting its authenticity. In fact, many famous works of art have been carefully restored by skilled hands – even the ones that you see in museums! Conservation Vs. Restoration Conservation is a newer discipline whereas restoration has existed for centuries. Conservators are trained in the science behind paints and age as well as historical trends for accuracy. The idea behind conservation is to…

27 Jan 2015

As with all collector items, the answer to a script’s worth depends on a number of considerations with many scripts selling in the hundreds of dollars to low thousands. The script for Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather even sold for $12,500! Source: www.gilliananderson.ws Condition is not Crucial to Worth First editions of books and collectible art are significantly worth less when showing damage or signs of wear. The condition is not as important when it comes to the value of a script since they were originally produced to be used rather than admired. In fact, signs of use can even increase its worth if it’s believed that the script was used by a famous actor. Personal markings in the script…

23 Jan 2015

This year marks the 30th anniversary since the first Macintosh was launched, and computers have changed drastically since then. Ever since CEO Steve Jobs’ passing, there has been an interest in collecting old Macs. The cash from selling the Mac 128k is enough to partially defray the luxury item’s original price tag of $2,500. Source: www.opusfidelis.com Within 3 months of placing an ad during the Super Bowl time slot, 50,000 units were sold, although currently there are far fewer working models. The value depends largely on condition, and almost new models can go for over $2,000, although typical prices range from $500 to $1,000. If you have the Mac 512k, prices tend to hover around the $500 mark. Interestingly, original…

20 Jan 2015

Some of these items on this list were expensive set pieces to begin with, while others are mostly valuable for their famed use in the movies. With proper storage, the memorabilia were able to retain their monetary value and stay in good enough shape to be appreciated by collectors. Simulating Aircraft in Star Wars In Episode IV, the T.I.E. fighters flew across the screens as engrossed members of the audience followed closely along. The filming actually used miniatures which ended up fetching $402,500 in a 2008 auction. 007’s Weapon of Choice There have been many James Bonds over the years, but in the hearts of many fans, Sean Connery is irreplaceable. His iconic black and white poster where he lifts…

16 Jan 2015

Many auctions and sales of Rat Pack memorabilia have come and gone, but the authenticity of these items are sometimes suspect. Finding items that strictly relate to the Rat Pack and not a specific member himself is difficult, as each member was a star in his own right. Furthermore, having an item or a set of items with the marks of all 5 members adds to the difficulty. Source: www.robertsenslerpresents.com Pricey Private Collections Recently Debbie Reynolds sold off her set of collectible Hollywood memorabilia for a total of $28 million. Of course, she sold many items at the auctions, including clothing from the films Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane. The Rate Pack item was a tuxedo ensemble, although…

13 Jan 2015

Children buy comics to read, and it’s easy to see why mass produced books have difficulty surviving the tests of time. Comic books are thin and tear easily, but in mint condition, adults are willing to pay top dollar for them. Amazing Fantasy Spider Man Stan Lee’s classic creation was first introduced in this series as part of a different storyline, but it was so popular, the superhero had its own series The Amazing Spider-Man. Originally published in 1960, the issue is valued at $280,000. The mutant spider/teenager is so captivating that several spin-offs and reboots in the form of other comic books, movies, and TV shows have taken off in the 50 years since its birth. Flash Comics The…

9 Jan 2015

Fame and talent draw attention from people all over the world, and people often want a memento to connect to their favourite celebrity. Autographs of popular and acclaimed authors are bought by fans and collectors alike, and can sometimes rival memorabilia signed by other famous people. Over time, the demand for signed books has not faded, despite changes in print media and publishing, as you’ll see from the list below. The Hunger Games Series The beloved trilogy which has now become a multi-million dollar franchise and the author of these popular books, Suzanne Collins, is now a household name. Online vendors sell signed editions from $400 to $700 per book, and over time the value should hold steady or even…

5 Jan 2015

In a world that celebrates movies stars and A-listers, a market for their memorabilia has grown as well. With celebrities from the sports, political, and entertainment world, their signatures compete for the dollars of collectors from around the world. Of course, out of appreciation of past legends, the signatures of celebrities who’ve passed away command the highest prices but some current celebrities have their own clout as well. Madonna Lives in a Material World She has made hit music for decades and is still a powerhouse in today’s world of music. Her autograph is worth $1,629 and continues to grow in value every year. Starr of the Show Ringo Starr of the Beatles has a signature that sells for $750,…

1 Jan 2015

Along with those who appreciate Elvis’ music and movies are those fanatics who will pay large amounts of money for any genuine article that’s related to the star. That may explain why strange memorabilia has made their way onto this list and through the wallets of buyers. While going through the boxes in your storage, think twice before throwing what might be very valuable to the right collector.


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