20 Jan 2014

Friendly and helpful businesses located in Toronto’s Jiffy...

Did you know that there are several handy businesses located alongside Jiffy at its Toronto location? So next time you swing by the Jiffy Self Storage site, why not give them a visit. For example, take the Canadian Hardware & Tools store located at the Jiffy Plaza. Ali and his wife Samaila source world class manufacturing companies for delivery of high quality tools to their exacting specifications — and Jiffy Self Storage business tenants are just steps away. At Canadian Hardware, you’re able to buy precision tools and supplies at prices that are often 50% less than major big box lumber retail stores. So why pay big prices to rent when high quality tools from Ali are available to own for the cost of renting– and these fine tools are brand new, not reconditioned models. So if your project requires tool rentals, don’t forget that for the cost of a few days rental you can own brand new tools of your choice and…

15 Jan 2014

One of the more affordable collectibles, vintage luggage and purses can be wonderful insights into the styles and aesthetics of various time periods and cultures. From hat boxes to stewardess carry-on bags, a wealth of vintage pieces are available for collectors in just about any price range. Here are some great examples of neat finds to help you get started or add to your collection. Pan Am Flight Bag This rare vintage Pan Am Flight Bag is white with a blue Pan Am logo. Approximately 50 years old, this authentic piece has been used and is in fair condition with functioning zippers although the plastic feet have snapped off. Pan Am collector’s items are very popular with plane enthusiasts as…

10 Jan 2014

After several years as a professional window cleaner, Mark Strange and his wife Leonor decided they would give retail store ownership a try. Of course the perfect choice of product to sell would be window cleaning supplies as well as other related cleaning products. Mark began doing research on store locations and involved costs back around the fall of 2012. That’s when he first spotted the newly renovated store units in the front end of Jiffy Storage Plaza on Wilson Ave. After finally making the decision to move forward with the retail store in Toronto, Mark and Leonor began renting a retail unit in July of 2013 and eagerly began renovations. By late August they had both their Toronto retail…

7 Jan 2014

They can easily pile up and fade with age, but not all ancient magazines should be seen as candidates for the recycling bin. Though they’re mass produced, old magazines can also become antique relics, and thus collector’s items. Some old magazines are obvious collector’s items. For example, editions of Life, Look and Time from November 1963 and the following months, the time of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Of course, historical events such as the Kennedy shooting are obviously important, and thus people hang on to them, driving down their value as a collector’s item. Those JFK shooting magazines might go for $25 to $50 at a speciality show or shop if they’re in excellent or mint…

6 Jan 2014

This is the season when most people move seasonal car tires into and out of storage. Toronto car dealers charge an incredibly high fee to store tires for six months, but at Jiffy Self-Storage, we have the smarter solution for thrifty Toronto consumers looking for a cheap Toronto solution for storing seasonal tires. Rent a 25 sqft (5ft x 5ft x 9ft high) unit from Jiffy Toronto to store your winter tires plus other seasonal stuff inside one of our climate controlled storage spaces. You may ask yourself what difference does a proper storage space make for your tires. Well, tires that aren’t properly kept away can suffer a range of problems. Here are five quick and easy tire-storage tips and…

3 Jan 2014

Antique radios are relics of yester-year that continue to charm and amaze. Let’s say you’ve been rummaging through the attic of an older relative and stumbled across a plain-coloured box-shaped item complete with built-in speaker and dial. Congratulations, you’ve just stumbled upon an antique radio. These marvels of technology were the first mass-communication device, piping in dramas, music and vital news and information into homes before the dawn of tube televisions. Looking the still-working marvel over, you begin to wonder if you’ve stumbled on a true rarity from another era. But how do you check if this is in fact the case? Some Internet sleuthing, of course, with the help of these tips from vintage radio guru Phil Nelson. Identify…


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