Portable Mobile Storage Containers

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People experiencing an economy downturn value the convenience of our Mobile Portable Containers and the money they save over a conventional storage warehouse facility.


Portable Mobile Storage

Known by various names such as portable storage, mobile storage and portable container storage, these types of rugged portable mobile storage in Toronto consists of easily maneuvered, rugged portable container modules on wheels, that are dropped off at your home front door or your place of business.


Container StorageUltimate portable mobile storage solution. Homeowners, businesses (both large and small) and many other organizations use portable mobile storage for a variety of reasons; from moving to renovating, from meeting staggered closing dates to records storage and excess inventory storage. Our Portable Container Storage is dependable, affordable and is delivered where it's needed, when it's needed, even to your front door.


Time is always on your side when you rent from Jiffy Self Storage Portable Containers.  You have 28 days or longer to load your mobile portable storage container......and unlike truck rentals, you don't have to worry about deadlines or returns of trucks after the job will be completed. Jify takes the worry from you of driving rented trucks to another part of town or even to another city many thousands of miles away.


Are you on a tight budget? Since you always pack and unpack at a manageable pace, you’ll have peace of mind that your items will be better taken care of by you because you did all the moving and storage packing and the savings over a professional moving company can be very substantial.


What size is right for you? Jiffy portable, self storage containers are modular for any sized container storage job. One of our storage containers accommodates an average 1,200 square foot home. If one container is not enough for the job, any number of containers can be dropped off at the same time to complete the packing of your contents, whether it be for your home, office or factory.


Our storage containers are designed & ergonomically engineered to make your move easy. Our mobile portable storage containers come pre-built with sturdy railings for hanging and securing your items (just like a professional moving truck), only our storage containers are just one step up off the ground for easy packing. You’ll appreciate this feature because steep truck ramps are eliminated, saving your legs and back, when you have to move or lift heavy furnishings and appliances.


Built-in side wall venting louvers and a ventilation space below the storage container floor and ground reduces risk of excess moisture and humidity buildup on the inside. Heavy duty full width locking roll up doors are easily opened and closed, and secured with your own lock when the moving job will be completed.


How much does it cost? Depending on how long the container will be used and the number of containers used determines the cost, but the main advantage is that you only have to pack Toronto portable containers once. If you want to reduce moving costs, having to only pack up just one time saves money over a conventional self storage move into a self storage facility.


We deliver, you pack, we pick up An idea that is so novel, why didn't anyone think of it before? We have taken moving and storage beyond the primitive stage so you can get on with the more important things in your life.
Affordable storage solution Move only once. Saves you money because you only load and unload once. Cut your moving time in half.
Hassle free moving and packing, less stress You pack at your own pace. Unlike a truck rental, there is never a clock running
Eliminate truck rentals, driving a big truck Never driven a truck before? With our mobile container storage system, someone else does the driving. You don't have to worry about returning a truck to some out of the way place at day's end.
Insurance Available for "peace of mind."
Short or long term You decide how long you want to store.
Storage venue of your choice You decide whether you want to store at your site or in our secure facility.
Various sizes for multiple storage needs You decide what size and we will deliver. Not enough space? We can deliver multiple units as required.
Affordable storage solution Move only once. Saves you money because you only load and unload once. Cut moving time in half.
Do it yourself No deadlines and you don't worry about "no show" movers or "no show" rental trucks.
Take total control of your move Take your time or hire your own packer. Fill your container at your pace, remove at your pace, never with a ticking clock.

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