Junking Trash Frees Up Space - Saves Money

Junk free space without rubbish or trash worth lot more than trucking garbage cost


A lot of stuff that is moved is stuff that will never be used either in an old or new home. It is only human nature to save rather than throw out. If you figure the cost of a new home at $300.00 per sq ft and the valuable space that junk takes up, the most economical thing that a person can do is get rid of junk. And if you are between homes, it costs additional money not only to move junk, but even more money to store junk at a Toronto self storage facility.


So what exactly is junk, trash or rubbish? Why should you trash your junk and rubbish?

Simply put, junk is anything you no longer want or have a need for; the unwanted items in your space, your life and your mind.


  • Junk costs money.
  • Junk needs to be cleaned and or maintained.
  • Junk breaks or doesn’t work anymore.
  • Junk usually needs to be fixed; costing even more money.   
  • Junk is out with the old and in with the new.                  
  • Junk needs to be stored; requiring more room and time.
  • Junk eventually needs to be disposed of.


When junk starts taking over and your place is top to bottom full of clutter, whether you're moving, renovating or simply ready to de-clutter your life, free your space by calling Junk Removal Toronto experts. 


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