Home Staging

Art of Professional Redesign for achieving the highest selling price

Research has shown that home staging can cut a home listing's time by half and can fetch a higher sale price.

A recent survey of home sellers found that staged homes sold for 6.9 percent more than homes that were not home staged. If you are selling a Toronto home, the average selling price of a Toronto real estate home is about $450,000, and therefore, home staging of a well staged home could fetch as much as $30,000 more than the average Toronto resale price of a Toronto real estate home.

Home staging is the design process of de-personalizing a private residence prior to putting it up for sale. This is often achieved by undertaking all or some of the following: Decluttering, depersonalizing, updating, painting, rearranging furniture, renting furniture and accessorising.

Declutter - less is always more

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Personal photos, awards, certificates, cultural and religious items are often removed to downplay the presence of the current homeowner.This helps potential homebuyers to not only feel more at ease during viewings, but allows them to focus on the property's merits while imagining their own belongings in the viewed spaces. While home staging is not a science, a professional home stager will make sure your furniture placement allows for easy traffic flow and visual identification of the purpose of each room in your home. If you have too much furniture, rent a self storage locker at a Toronto self storage facility to temporarily store your clutter until you are ready to move into your new home. If you don't have enough furniture, then rent or borrow some

The less clutter, knickknacks and personal memorabilia lying around, the more potential buyers will be able to imagine themselves in your home. Remember, you are selling your house, not your home contents.

Move your clutter to a Toronto self storage facility

Every part of your home must be shown in the best possible light to get the highest selling price. This includes decluttering storage spaces like basements and garages. So the cleaner and bigger spaces look, the higher the home buyer's perception will be of value.

Toronto Self Storage Facility

Moving your stuff into a Toronto mini storage facility like Jiffy Self Storage is a small cost relative to the increased benefit of selling your home for a much higher price and you will be getting a head start on packing that will also eliminate some stress down the road.

Do it yourself or hire a professional home stager

(can't see the forest through the trees)

Homeowners do not see clutter. They get used to the way they live in their space. The homeowners' biggest challenge is to correctly identify interior design faults and remove clutter.

Since it is difficult for most home buyers to imagine living in someone else's house with cluttered rooms of personalized furniture and walls accessorized with photos of a stranger's family, most potential buyers come away from a home evaluation uncertain of the living and selling value of the home.

While the concept of home staging seems simple enough, a professional home stager has the experience and knowledge of knowing which changes are critical for getting the highest selling price. Since the cost of staging a home is much less than the increased selling price achieved from a professionally staged home, the value of a professional home staging service is minimal when you consider the overall gain.

Why settle for less when you can get more?

You get only one chance to make a good first impression. With expert creativity and honed skills, a professional home stager will make your house feel more like a home for the next family, tempting buyers to envisage their furnishings in your home and all the nuances that come with it.

Professional home staging could be the best money a home seller could ever spend. Don't let the relative small cost of a professional home stager diminish the likelihood of getting a quicker sale at a much higher price.

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