Self Storage offsite document storage solution considered by many as the best of all options

Why pay the high price for archival document storage services you hardly use?


Jiffy Self Storage document storage is a low cost solution for records storage retention. Our temperature controlled facilities help maintain your documents so you do not have to worry about deterioration from mould and mildew. More importantly, Jiffy Self Storage has been providing this service to businesses for more than 20 years. That’s why Jiffy has more knowledge and experience and understands the needs and challenges of small and medium sized businesses.


Document Storage Solution TorontoTake the example of many businesses and professional services like accountants, lawyers, doctors and physicians, sales organizations, architects, and more... they all appreciate the money saved at Jiffy Self Storage over full service document storage facilities.Let Jiffy Self Storage free up valuable office space by moving confidential documents offsite, out of reach from hands of personnel not having any business accessing these private documents. That is why more and more businesses are finding document storage at Jiffy Self Storage so appealing.


Sold businesses and persons retiring are obligated to maintain documents and financial records for several years and files stored at Jiffy have the least expensive annual storage cost over full service document storage facilities. And you can control and keep your document storage costs low, because the higher you stack your bankers boxes, the less the cost per banker storage box. And the best news is that ceilings at Jiffy Self Storage are extra high, so the higher you pile the boxes, the more money you'll save over full service Folding Bankers Storage Boxesconventional records storage facilities.


Jiffy Self Storage can assist you with a custom file storage program to lower annual costs, but more importantly there is no charge for the professional consultation.


Need supplies of document storage boxes? Get flattened banker’s boxes and other supplies for all your hard copy document storage needs.

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