Independent publication to go online

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A Toronto publication is cutting back releasing print.

One of the most well known publications in Toronto, the city's free business paper, tonight, will be seeing some significant cuts in the coming weeks. According to the Toronto Star, the publication will no longer be available to the public five days a week and will be reduced to being available just Thursday mornings.

Some consumers who prefer getting their news in tangible form rather than via their smartphones or tablets may collect the papers as a memory of times past. For those who choose to do so, they may run out of room in their homes to put the publications. By renting a Toronto storage space, consumers won't have to worry about organizing these items.

"tonight offers the latest news and entertainment for transit commuters on their way home from work," its website stated. "Using a magazine format, tonight produces eye-catching photos alongside exclusive articles and content from some of the industry’s most established media outlets – Financial Post, Rogers Sportsnet, NY Times Crossword, BlogTO, and National Geographic Traveler."

The content will still be the same, however, it will now be available on the internet. The publishers decided to implement a paywall, which they expect will generate revenue, which has worked for other publications throughout the community.

Though the majority of the publication will be online, John Cameron, publisher of tonight, said the print will run the same at about 100,000 copies.

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